Apple iDevice Design Change Rumors

There have been rumors that Apple is seriously considering new designs for their iDevices namely the iPhone, iPad and iPad among others. According to an industry source, Apple recently filed patent applications for a new design which shows a curved battery design and some really irregular shape for their future devices. Recently Apple had coughed up 500 million dollars into their R&D department since they felt their products are no longer that innovative for which the company is known for.

The company has filed two patents at the U.S Patent and Trademark Office which shows a new battery design that is curved and an irregular shape. Both of these patents ìCurved battery cells for portable electronic devices” and “Non-rectangular batteries for portable electronic devices”, means Apple is looking at different prospects of creating the battery of the device. This type of design will make sure that the battery is designed and manufactured in such a way that fits perfectly into the slim body of the device.

The description of the curved battery shows that the techniques that will go into its production will be at par with the industry standards and should include a cathode, an anode, a separator, active coatings, and a set of layers before it is manipulated to a specified specification. The design proposed by Apple should use a flexible pouch which is created by a separator to enclose the various cell layers, which is not really an innovation since most of the batteries available in the market use this technique.

These techniques will help the battery to fit snugly into the device’s housing which will help in reducing wasted internal space. The designs could also be used in upcoming versions of iPhone or the iPad since consumers demand more thin and lightweight portables.

The people behind these inventions are Taisup Hwang, Stephen R. McClure, Ramesh C. Bhardwaj and John Raff.

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The Risks of Jailbreaking Your iPad 2

iPad 2 jailbreaking is becoming popular today because it provides the device with the ability to utilize customization instruments and third-party applications. Not applying jailbreak to your iPad 2 means adherence and compliance to the policies and guidelines of Apple. However, what is the sense of having a very expensive gadget if you cannot customize it base on your preference. Group of hackers started to find ways to jailbreak iGadgets primarily because they are not in favor of the policies implemented by Apple. They believe that the owner of the gadget must have the right to decide what to put and not to put on it. Apple provided rules that even compatible applications are not allowed to be installed on the gadget and owners should not jailbreak their iPad 2.

Many people are really overvaluing their iPad 2, which features an A5 processor chipset. This latest hardware development and upgrade gives the gadget new and exciting attributes. iPad 2 with this latest chipset is more efficient and much faster compared to other gadget without this improvement. On the other hand, this new hardware provided more challenge to the hackers to jailbreak the device. The different jailbreaking applications used to jailbreak iPad 1 are useless in jailbreaking iPad 2. Group of hackers, instead of thinking for a new program, emerged in public and requested iGadget users to provide them with the crash details through the CDevReporter. Numerous users joined the movement that enabled the development groups to determine the different security loopholes of iPad 2. Though, it should be noted that not all the loopholes found on iPad can be used to jailbreak the device. Following the jailbreaking scene, hacker groups immediately release their new findings about the security holes of devices. Simultaneously, they cautiously point out that some of these holes are not even helpful. With the problem of jailbreaking iPad 2, different hacker groups joined forces to come up with the best answer or solution. Consequently, they are able to discover a new jailbreak program. At first, they can only apply tethered jailbreak for the iPad 2. Later on, the development team created untethered jailbreak for the device.

The untethered jailbreak program Absinthe, which was created by the Chronic Development Team, can now jailbreak the gadget iPad 2. The program is only working on Mac devices and if you want iPad 2 jailbreak program for Windows, you are going to use the CLI device. The procedures on utilizing the Absinthe program to jailbreak iPad 2 is not as easy as it seem. Applying the program carries many risks on your iPad 2 because the process is not yet ascertained to be error free. If the Absinthe icon is not appearing on you iPad 2, you should reload the tool repeatedly. Furthermore, using the jailbreak program will make the warranty of your iPad 2 invalid and you cannot demand Apple to replace or repair your gadget in case of problems or defects. However, this is just a normal risk attributed with jailbreak. Thus, you must carefully select reliable software to jailbreak your iPad 2.

The Fundamentals of iPad 2 Jailbreaking

Apple is one of the leading techno companies in the world. With the company’s famous products, customers are always waiting for its new releases and innovations including Apple TV, iPod, iPod iTouch, iPhone and iPad. Everytime an Apple’s product comes out, it is always becoming popular and successful. In 2007, the company introduced iPhone and shortly after its debut, a new method of jailbreaking the gadget was invented and launched. As a result, the company locked the iPhones on its carrier AT&T in the United States, which gives hackers more puzzles to exploit and patch the available security openings.

iPad 2 jailbreak is a method that enables Apple’s iOs running gadgets such as iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV and iPhone to fully access all of its features and eliminating the limitations set by the manufacturer. When an Apple gadget was Jailbroken, users are allowed to download, install and utilize applications, extensions and themes that are not determined by the company.

Zibri el Fontu, an Italian national, discovered important procedure that allows him to become the first hacker to jailbreak Apple’s iPhone utilizing a program known as ZiPhone. The Italian Hacker generously disseminated his discovered exploits and codes. An iPhone hacker group called iPhone Dev Team employed the procedure discovered by Zibri to develop PwnageTool, a jailbreaking tool that can jailbreak the ipod itouch first generation, and the iPhone 2G and 3G.

In 2009, Apple launched the new iOS 3.0, which is the remaining unbroken gadget until the development of redsnow 0.7.2 and PwnageTool 3.0 by the iPhone Dev Team after a couple of months. Shortly after the release of iOS 3.0, the company introduced the iOS 3.1, which was again jailbroken by the iPhone Dev Team’s latest version of the PwnageTool. The hacker team was able to jailbreak all the Apple gadgets except the ipod itouch.

However, another jailbreaking expert named George Hotz put out the Blackra1n tool that can jailbreak all kinds of gadgets created by Apple. As early as March 2010, the creator of Wii Homebrew, Comex, introduced presentation of untethered” Jailbreak utilizing an instrument known as Spirit. After the released Apple’s iPad 3G, the Spirit tool was launched jailbreaking all the gadgets of Apple running on the untethered 3.1-3.2. In the mid of 2010, the process of jailbreaking is declared lawful under the DMCA in the US and other parts of the world including Europe. However, Apple claimed that jailbreaking its device would void the warranty. At present, the jailbreaking continued to develop as the Apple creates new gadgets and technologies.

Most of the people, particularly those new in jailbreaking, do not know the difference between the untethered and tethered jailbreak. To make it simple, tethered jailbreaking is a kind of jailbreak that is still dependent on the computer gadget employed in jailbreaking every time it needs to be rebooted. While in Untethered Jailbreak, all devices with this kind of jailbreak can be rebooted freely any time, thus preserving the jailbroken state even without resorting to the computer utilized to jailbreak it.

Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPad or iPod With iOS 5.1.1

Looking for a little more to do with your iPad or iPod Touch, iPhone? The updated untethered jailbreak tool for iOS has recently arrived, racking up about million downloads within a few days.

Absinthe 2.0 operates on most iOS 5-compatible devices, excluding a later model of the iPad 2 containing the 32-nanometer chipset. The method is amazingly uncomplicated and does not require any technical complexity – just a few clicks and a little patience.

1. Preparing to Download Absinthe and Backup Your Device

The first thing you need to do is to download Absinthe 2.0 to your PC. There are versions accessible for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X,. After it’s downloaded, unpack, install, and open Absinthe. 

Before you click the “jailbreak” button, you must plug your iOS device into the computer through USB, and open iTunes for back up.  After the device appears in iTunes, right-click it, and select “Back Up.”  With iTunes, you have the choice to back up in your local hard drive or iCloud. Backing up in your local drive is a better option for the sake of speed.

2. Wipe Your Device

The jailbreak process goes more quickly if your device is not loaded with plenty of unnecessary stuff. To wipe it clean, go to Settings of the device. Then navigate to General –> Rest –> Erase All Content and Settings. Just agree to all the warnings and relax. After all, you just backed everything up.

3. Start Jailbreak and Restore from Backup

Once you have finished backing up and clearing things off, you may nowlaunch Absinthe. Once you see the “Jailbreak” button, click it. It may take a while but be sure not to disconnect the device. 
Once the jailbreak process is completed, open iTunes back up. Locate the device on the left side, right-click it and select “Restore From Backup.”
Once this process is done, your device should restart. When it comes back on, it may look as it was before, but you will see the Cydia icon. It is the app store that houses all the themes, tweaks, and apps that make jailbreaking enjoyable.

4. Getting Started with Cydia

To beginners, the Cydia app store is not as refined or sophisticated as Apple’s, but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it.

You can start by browsing over the “Featured” list and check the themes that are available. It is helpful that Cydia break things down into categories and even provides a list of tools to begin with.

There are a lot of themes, apps and tweaks available in Cydia. It is worth taking the time to browse each list, check out the screen shots and descriptions, and installing things that are useful to you.

There are other popular enhancements including additions to Notification Center, game emulators, Wi-Fi tethering, and a lot of lock screen modifications. Nearly all apps and tweaks are free, but a some of them cost a few bucks.

iPad Jailbreak Software: Jailbreak Your Device in an Instant!

The iPad is one of the state-of-the-art gadgets these days and many people never stop trying to find solutions to iPad Jailbreak. After a long wait, finally, here comes the answer to your problem: a jailbreak tool.

Though the iPad is in itself considered a good gadget, some of its features and applications are limited because of a few restrictions set by the manufacturer. But one way to setting your gadget “free” from these constraints is to jailbreak it. Jailbreaking is as easy as a simple click on your computer, and choosing the best software does the trick. With this tool, you will be able to get access to the paid apps for free. Just make sure that you find the leading software with a quality that majority of people has already been proven. No need to risk your iPad using untested software as it can only lead to damaging your expensive device.

When you decide to jailbreak now, why not try using the software that is commonly used worldwide? The tool is called the iPad Jailbreak Software

To get to know more information about iPad Jailbreak Software, here are some facts about it: First, its simple instructions make it easy to use. You do not need to have any technical knowledge to operate it. Also, customer support is always available if you have further questions and needs other assistance regarding the software; Second, the entire process only takes a few minutes. After that, you have the freedom to do anything you like: install applications you want, uninstall applications you don’t need, and download applications or some features for free. It is also possible to install all third-party apps that manufacturer does not approve. Lastly, in order to jailbreak, you need a computer. This jailbreak software is compatible to both Mac and PC computers.

iPad Jailbreak Software is considered # 1 all over the world in terms of the number of people who are using it, and of course, customer satisfaction. Its effectiveness and reliability is exceptional. Try it for yourself and be among those people who are already enjoying free features and applications for their iPad. Find out and experience what difference it can make when you do jailbreaking. It will be all worth it. You will attain the full capability of your device and customize it according to your personal taste and needs.

You don’t have to be contented with the limitations of your device upon its purchase. You are in control to do anything you like with your gadget and unleash its full potential. You have the freedom to do it and maybe this is the only way you can enjoy your gadget to the fullest and be truly satisfied with it.
Discover what you can do with your gadget and explore its possibilities. Enjoy the freedom and start jailbreaking now.

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